Sisu Children’s Fund was founded by Frank and Barbara Sanchez after their daughter, Jolene, died from complications related to a brain tumor. Jolene fought the tumor throughout much of her life, and the therapy needed to help her was costly and uninsured. Sisu can help families who are suffering from a medical problem. One-hundred percent of donations go directly to aid those in need.



Katherine, 11, was born without fingers and a thumb on one of her hands. Katherine’s mother, Caroline, said Sisu provided funding to Katherine so she could continue her therapeutic riding lesson at the N.W. Therapeutic Riding Center. Katherine has been riding there for four years.
“It’s given her balance and confidence to use both sides of her body because she uses both hands when she is riding,” Caroline said.





Caleb Edson, a Sisu grant winner, is a student at Bellingham Technical College. He studies computer networking. Sisu purchased a braille notetaker for Caleb in 2005. Caleb said the notetaker has been very helpful to him in school.
“It can do several things: I can listen to notes on it when I am giving a presentation, I can type notes during a lecture so I can review them later, I can also email, and I can even go online with it,” Caleb said.
Recently Caleb received a grant from SISU that paid for his tuition. The grant was available to college students who were in good academic standing and had medical needs.





Kyann Flint was awarded our $1,000 scholarship in 2011. She goes to Squalicum High School and will be entering Western Washington University in the fall. At Squalicum she was elected as the student body president, and maintained a 3.77 GPA while also taking six advanced placement classes.

She served as the manager of the track team in spring of 2010 and 2011, and has traveled extensively, with plans to tour Europe this summer. She has volunteered many hours for helping those with muscular¬†dystrophy. Her history teacher and boys basketball coach at Squalicum wrote, “I have never seen a student with such potentially debilitating disabilities triumph in a manner, academically and socially, that Kyann Flint has demonstrated.”


Anthony Cooper

Blaine High School student Anthony Cooper has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship and will be attending Western in the fall. Although he was born without a right hand, he received an additional scholarship for his artwork.